10-14 October

Daejeon 2022

Local and Regional Governments Breaking Through as One.

On behalf of the Daejeon Metropolitan City, I would like to express how pleased and honored we are to host the 7th United Cities and Local Government World Congress from October 10 to 14, 2022. I believe this Congress will be cherished in the hearts of our citizens as a memorable legacy.

As the largest gathering of local and regional leaders from around the world, this Congress will be an occasion to build peace through dialogue and solidarity, and provide a renewed vision and leadership in times of unprecedented global challenges . To ensure that we break through as one, building on the power of the municipal movement as a key lever to transform our relationship between each other and with our planet. 

Daejeon will allow you to experience the culture, community, and public service associated with digital technology that enriches citizens’ lives and enhances their capabilities. 

We look forward to your participation!

Mr. Lee Jang Woo
Mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan
City, Republic of Korea

Why to attend

The World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, convened by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), is the largest gathering of mayors, governors, and their associations, councillors, and local and regional practitioners from around the world Breaking Through as One Working towards the Pact for the Future of humanity.

The gathering is the heart of the municipal movement with over thousands of elected officials, members of the civil society, partners and other stakeholders and shows its full strength, diversity and capacity for bolstering multilateralism.

This year’s edition, which will be held on 10-14 October in Daejeon, South Korea, will count on a renewed format and enhanced collaboration between members and partners .

Following the structure of the Durban Congress, the Congress in Daejeon will be based around different tracks, which will echo the components of the "Power of We", the power of the municipal movement to break through as one.
Local Action
Town Hall
We meet
Statutory Track
This is our beating heart, where decisions are called and where the policies that will shape the future of the World Organization take form. The Statutory track is the Congress itself, where magic happens. The track comprises the meetings of the governing bodies of the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments. They gather to determine our policies and workplan and lead the charge for the renewal of the UCLG Leadership. For UCLG members only.
In this sense, it is the track where the spirit and pulse of the internal governance of UCLG take the central stage. Within this track, five specific meetings are to be organized:
  • The Financial Management Committee and the Committee on Statutory Affairs
  • The Executive Bureau,
  • The General Assembly (not to be confused with the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments),
  • The World Council
We advocate
Assembly Track
The Assembly track has local and regional government representatives in the driver’s seat, and focuses on territorial priorities. UCLG sections and sister organizations of local and regional governments will hold consultations with their own membership to develop position papers to be presented during the Assembly sittings. This is the space for UCLG Sections and continental groups to define their policy-making priorities, align them with the overall work of the World Organization, and ensure that the policy process is truly bottom-up, for the people and by the people. It is usually divided into six meetings and runs through the entire Congress.
We listen
Town Hall Track
The Town Hall embodies the #CitiesAreListening experience of UCLG. The internationally organized civil society and the local and regional governments' constituency meet, dialogue, and co-create for a better shared future. The Town Hall Track takes shape in the form of a process of continued structured dialogue with the ultimate goal of informing the policy of the World Organization of UCLG and the overall global policy processes. The 2022 Town Hall strengthens this structured dialogue with the presence of international partners and three cross-cutting caucuses – Youth, Feminism and Accessibility.
We act
Local4Action Track
The Local4Action Track is the space where everybody feels at home so innovation and creativity can flourish out of shared inspiration! It gathers the membership, partners, global institutions, local actors, under different formats of sessions aimed to inspire and be inspired by others’ experiences. In this sense, a call will be launched by the World Secretariat to receive proposals for sessions. Organized around the axes of people, planet and government, this track will be coordinated by the corresponding members or partners, once the selection process has been finalized. As part of the Local4Action Track, there will be other action spaces such as the Networking Hub –a window into the processes that move the World Organization–, the Learning Forum and the Research Forum.
Daejeon Track
This track will explore four themes around the role of Science and Technology.  “Sciences and Cities” will explore the interaction between urban innovation and new technologies. “People and Science” will focus on leading discussions on policies that, through the use of science and technology, can improve the quality of "individual life" at all stages of the life cycle. “Environment and Science” will observe how science and technology can be developed and used to overcome various environmental risk factors. “Public Administration and Science” will delve into discussions on decentralization and administrative innovation. 

The World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, convened by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), is the largest gathering of mayors, presidents of associations, councilors, and local and regional practitioners from around the world. It also gathers the most influential local and regional leaders, partners, and actors for building ever more resilient, sustainable and peaceful communities.

The triennial UCLG World Summit and Congress builds on the century-old origins of our organization as a movement driven by peace, solidarity and city diplomacy, and the pledge of the local and regional governments’ constituency around the world. A pledge to safeguard the dreams and aspirations of our communities by ensuring a better future for all to build a new Pact for the Future, for people, planet, and governments.


The UCLG World Summit will be officially held from 10-14 October. You can now check out an overview of the programme, which will be replaced by a more detailed version in the months to come.

UCLG’s Leadership

Anne Hidalgo
Mayor of Paris, UCLG Governing President
Ada Colau
Mayor of Barcelona, Governing President of UCLG & Special envoy to the United Nations
Uğur İbrahim Altay
Mayor of Konya, UCLG Co-President
Johnny Araya Monge
Mayor of San José, Co-President of UCLG
Li Mingyuan
Mayor of Xi'an, UCLG Co-President
Jan Van Zanen
Mayor of The Hague, UCLG Co-President
Berry Vrbanovic
Mayor of Kitchener, UCLG Treasurer
Madelaine Y. Alfelor-Gazman
Mayor of Iriga, UCLG Treasurer
Ilsur Metshin
Mayor of Kazan, Chairperson of UNACLA
Carlos Martínez
Mayor of Soria, Envoy of the Presidency for the New Urban Agenda
Armand Béouindé
Mayor of Ouagadougou, President of the Association of Municipalities of Burkina Faso (AMBF), Vice-President for Africa
Ashok Kumar Byanju Shrestha
Mayor of Dhulikhel and President of the Municipal Association of Nepal, as Vice-President for ASPAC
Aysen Nikolaev
Head of the Republic of Sakha, as Vice-President for Eurasia
Carola Gunnarsson
Mayor of Sala and Vice-President of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Vice-President for Europe
Mohamed Saadie
President of the Union of Dannieh Municipalities, Vice-President for Middle East and West Asia
Carolina Cosse
Mayor of Montevideo, as Vice-President for Latin America
Taneen Rudyk
Municipal Councillor of Vegreville and President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Vice-President for North America
Claudia López
Mayor of Bogotá, Vice-President for Metropolis
Pablo Jurado Moreno
President of the Consortium of Provincial Autonomous Governments from Ecuador (CONGOPE), Vice-President for the Forum of Regions
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